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April 12th, 2023 Newsletter

American Cancer Society Awards $20,000 in grant money to assist cancer patients in need

The American Cancer Society recently awarded a $10,000 transportation and $10,000 lodging grant to CHI Memorial to alleviate the financial burden of transportation and lodging costs for patients with cancer. The grant is one of six hundred nationwide grants totaling over $10.8 million awarded by the American Cancer Society in 2022. Based on assistance provided through previous grant funding, these grants will provide more than 328,000 rides to treatment for 25,000 people and over 9,000 nights of free lodging.

For patients with cancer, transportation and lodging challenges can create barriers to receiving the treatment they need. Many people need daily or weekly treatment, often for several months. Family and friends may help, but they may not always have the time or resources to provide every ride, and when the most effective treatment requires traveling away from home, lodging is a concern for patients and their family.

“The financial burden of cancer treatment directly contributes to disparities in cancer outcomes,” said Cindy Rix, Senior Development Manager in Chattanooga for the American Cancer Society. “We are working to increase access and remove barriers to timely, high-quality cancer care. Providing these grants directly to local health systems and partners allows us to deliver assistance directly to patients when and where it is need most.”


"From 1991 to 2019, there has been a 32% decline in cancer mortality. The American Cancer Society can directly attribute declines in the overall cancer death rate to investment of funds and resources in the areas of advocacy, discovery, and direct patient support. All people should have a fair and just opportunity to live a longer, healthier life free from cancer regardless of how much money they make, skin color, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability status or where they live. Make your investment count by saving lives through cancer research.


For more information call or email Cindy Rix, Chattanooga Senior Development Manager:

call 423.580.3216 or email:

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